In my previous post, I pondered how the people who tormented me in high school feel about that now: Do they realize what they did? Do they know it but not think it remarkable? Do they regret it?
I just read a blog post by Bob Sutton that may provide an answer:

This research is part of a long line of studies that show people can be remarkably clueless to their own behavior and how others perceive them. . . This helps explain a lot of things, for example why the Zogby survey a couple years ago found that over one-third of American’s reported being bullied at work and yet less than 1% ever ever reported bullying others.

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Ruben · 2009/07/23 at 13:21

Some enlightening or circumstances make some of them to get aware of their bullying behavior.
In my case, I remember about the guy I hated in high school calling me some years ago to apologize by all the things he made me.
He sounded real however he said that thinking of his past was a requirement in some class of his psychology studies at university.

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