Welcome, Rufus Ray McDufus III

Our invisible dog rescue sign followed us to San Antonio on Christmas day. After dinner, we were standing in the driveway at Katie’s aunt’s house, watching Samuel play with his new RipStick, when the dog below walked up. I immediately put a note on Craigslist, and we brought him home. No collar, no microchip and no responses to the Craigslist note, so it looks like we’ll be finding a home for him.
UPDATE 3 Jan 2009: No luck in reuniting him with his people. In the meantime, we’ve fallen in love with him and, against our better judgment, we’ve decided to keep him. We’ve named him Rufus Ray McDufus III.


Got to my office this morning, got my coffee, sat down at my desk and started going through my email. I happened to look down into my lap and noticed ugly brown stains in the crotch of my jeans. Since I don’t recall soiling myself, I’m pretty sure it’s cat barf*. Fortunately, it’s only visible if I’m sitting down with my legs spread somewhat, and you can see up between my legs. I get to go through the whole day worrying about this.
* Unfolded, clean laundry piled up on the couch last week, and the cat started sleeping in it. When I finally started folding laundry, I discovered cat barf on another item of clothing.