A bright winter afternoon in Austin

2023/02/05 at 19:30

I walked around downtown Austin on this bright, sunny February afternoon. Beautiful weather for a walk, not the greatest for photography, but I got some okay shots.

Sunrise in Pflugerville

2023/01/28 at 12:19

We live in a low spot in our neighborhood, so we don’t have very clear views of sunrises and sunsets. I saw this sunrise on January 9 and ran out into the greenbelt behind the house to capture it as best as I could. On review, I found that it was a much better composition than I thought.

Pflugerville sunset

2023/01/18 at 14:08

I got a new camera last year, so I’ve been watching the winter sunsets and caught this one about a week ago. I don’t have the best places to catch sunset photos nearby, but this is not too bad

Sunset in Pflugerville, Texas

India Trip 2019

2019/10/12 at 08:45

I visited my company’s office in Noida (Delhi) at the end of August, 2019. 

Late summer in central Texas

2019/08/25 at 08:51

Yesterday afternoon I took a bike ride around our home in Pflugerville. I took this photo of a dry feed corn field at a break just outside of Hutto.

Dry corn stalks against the summer sky

Dry corn stalks against the summer sky

56th Annual Eeyore’s Birthday Party

2019/04/29 at 08:00

Last Saturday, Katie and I had a great time at the 56th annual Eeyore’s Birthday party, one of Austin’s most awesome traditions.

It’s spring in Texas

2019/03/28 at 06:32

It’s a very good year for Texas wildflowers.

Texas Bluebonnet

Devil cat

2017/01/28 at 13:40

Taos in winter

2017/01/14 at 10:56

We spent Christmas week, 2016 in Taos, NM. We arrived on Dec. 24, and that night it snowed a few inches. I got up early on Christmas morning and took a photography walk around the historic district.

Taos in winter

Taos in winter

Taos in winter

Taos in winter

Taos in winter

Taos in winter

Pflugerville sunset

2016/08/20 at 07:42

I took this sunset photo on July 4 when I was out shooting fireworks with Sam and a friend.

Pflugerville sunset