I’m definitely an old fart when it comes to mobile phone use. One of the many things that bugs me is people who continue to talk on their phone when participating in public interactions. Here’s what happened this morning at Einstein’s while I was waiting for my bagel:

Woman walks into store talking on cell phone. Cashier comes over to his register to take her order.
Woman stops about six feet in front of the cashier to continue her conversation. Cashier looks confused. I think he’s trying to decide whether he can go back to the other task or should remain at the cash register to wait for this woman.
A minute later, still talking on the phone, the woman walks up the register and orders. The cashier asks her some questions (dine in or to go, her name so they can call her when it’s ready, etc.) and has to repeat every question because the woman is paying him no attention.

What a way to communicate to the people around you that they are of no consequence compared to your all-important conversation.

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Raj · 2008/07/20 at 12:54

I was standing in line at a bank, right behind the customer who was next in line to be served. When a teller became available, she called out, “Can I help the next person, please?” The customer didn’t hear her, however, because he was talking on his cell phone. Once again, a little more loudly this time, the teller said, “Can I help the next person, please?” Once again, Mr. Cellphone was oblivious to the teller. Finally, the teller yelled, “Can I help anyone who’s NOT on the phone?”

Rafe · 2008/06/11 at 22:47

I think that makes you civil, rather than old. I’m guessing the phone talker wasn’t any younger than you.

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