Katie really likes to listen to music when she drives, especially when she’s alone in the car. Last summer, we got her a new(er) van, but it doesn’t have a CD player like our old one. Katie has been asking ever since if we could get a CD player installed. I told her that it’s obsolete technology: she should just get an iPod that she can use in the car and elsewhere.
But, because she didn’t really understand why an iPod was better, we haven’t done anything about music in the car for her. Well, about three weeks ago, my brother-in-law bought me an iPod Nano, and this morning, Katie took it with her to work for the first time. As soon as she got to her office, Katie called me and said: “I want to marry your iPod!” I asked her if she now understood what I’d been telling her for months, and she agreed that she did indeed. I’d better start figuring out how to get her an iPod; she was threatening to kill me so she could inherit mine.

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