Last summer, Katie bought me a Sony Cybershot DSC-W1 digital camera, and I have really enjoyed it.
But during our short vacation in Galveston in May, my photos developed black spots. I quickly concluded that Gulf sand must have gotten inside the camera and settled on the optics or the digital sensor. I took it to a local camera shot, and they confirmed my diagnosis.
The camera shop employee suggested that I send it to Sony for cleaning/repair. When I mentioned that it was purchased just less than a year ago, the employee told me he doubted Sony would clean/repair it under warranty. That made sense to me, as dirt getting inside probably was not due to faulty workmanship or parts.
Well, I sent the camera off to Sony service, and it came back exactly one week later, fixed at no cost. I was pleasantly surprised–both that Sony fixed it under warranty, and at the fast turn-around.

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