This afternoon I ran to Home Depot for a few items. When the man in front of me got to the register, he handed his debit card to the cashier. She looked at it and then asked him for an ID. He said it was his fiancee’s card. The cashier called the manager, the manager said he couldn’t use it, he pulled out his own card and paid. I was pleased to see that Home Depot was taking such security measures.
When I saw the cashier call the manager, I jumped to the next register. My cashier didn’t ask to see my debit card. I happened to walk out at the same time as the guy who was ‘carded’–who happened to be black. I told him, “They didn’t ask to see my credit card. You think it was racial profiling?”
He shrugged and answered, “Probably.” We parted ways. I got the distinct impression that it was a scenario he’s used to. Pretty sad state of affairs.

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