I use FutureQuest to host my domains. I found them a few years ago after conducting exhaustive research into web hosts that supported PHP and MySQL. They are not the cheapest, but I decided on them because they were highly recommended by people who actually use these technologies.
In the several years that I’ve hosted my sites with FutureQuest, I’ve been impressed by the technical expertise of the FQ staff. Well, they came through for me once again this weekend.
Yesterday, Katie and I were not able to send email via FQ’s SMTP server. After doing some diagnosing, I concluded that our home ISP, Cox Internet, had started blocking outbound port 25 (to keep people on their network from sending spam). I sent a support request to FQ, asking whether it would be possible to run my SMTP server on a different port. Their answer: they already run customers’ SMTP servers both on port 25 and another port, just to deal with this problem. So, I set my email client settings to use this other port, and I’m back in business!

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