Color me unimpressed

2008/07/28 at 13:24

The buzz in the geek world today is all about the new search engine Cuil. I did the exact same thing that half the other geeks in the world did when they read about Cuil: entered my name and searched.
I immediately saw the following problems:

  • I don’t know where they got the images that accompany the link to my resume and to my blog (heat death of the universe). They are not images that I’ve ever seen before.
  • The text blurb associated with the link to my blog seems to be some random post which was probably on the home page the day they spidered the site. Odd.
  • The text blurb “Stan Taylor is an Australian criminal…” accompanies the following links: “math lessons – Stan Taylor” and “The Ultimate Stan Taylor Dog Breeks Information Guide.”
  • The only categories listed pertain to the Australian criminal Stan Taylor
  • One link and blurb are in Dutch, the rest in English

Maybe that’s good for their first draft, but I know I won’t be using Cuil for my Internet searches any time soon.
A screen shot of the first page of search results is below. Click to see the full-size version.
Cuil results for 'stan taylor'
UPDATE: At least the random photos associated with my sites weren’t pornographic (link is NSFW, contains a thumbnail-sized porno image)