In reference to my last post, here’s an article that details the cost of ownership for three hybrids: the Toyota Prius, and Honda Accord and Civic. Interesting numbers. I need to adjust some of the assumptions and then run the similar calculations for my year-old Scion tC.
UPDATE: In comments, my Costa Rican friend Ruben Alfaro points out that the comparison in that article is between a Prius and non-hybrid Civic and Accord. So, I’m full of shit in what I originally wrote below.
Every time I talk about buying a hybrid, I specifically refer to the Prius, and Katie corrects me ‘or a Civic.’ Well, here’s the reason for my mentioning just the Prius: the article says that the Prius gets 46 mpg, while the hybrid Civic only gets 29 mpg. I don’t get the Civic numbers; that’s hardly different from the conventional Civic.

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Ruben Alfaro · 2008/06/10 at 12:30

Hi Stan.
In the table the Prius is compared to the Non-Hybrid versions of both Hondas.
About the hybrid Civic, Honda says it gets an estimated 45 mpg in the highway (, but Prius 46MPG is combined city/hwy.

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