I received the following business contact (nice way to say spam from a legit company) to my small business email address this week:

Dear Stan:
It’s a pleasure getting connected with you. I am Pulakesh and am writing from Adea. Adea (www.adea.com) is a Texas based global IT Solutions & Services Company that leverages technology to create sustainable business value for clients and help them in their quest for improving business performance through a Global Engagement Model (GEM). Adea relies on its proprietary Global Engagement Modelâ„¢ (GEM) to deliver projects on time and within defined budgets. The GEM is a process driven framework that leverages the synergies of ProVedaâ„¢ – the Process Framework, OptiShoreâ„¢ – our Delivery Model and the ProSourceâ„¢ Business Model. All engagements at Adea, regardless of location or model, leverage GEM with more than 1,000 software professionals working in US, UK, India and China.

Man, I have no real idea what Adea does, and no real desire to find out.

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Apolskis · 2008/02/10 at 17:07

Lingo bingo…

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