So, my coworker from Professional Services walks over to my desk with his laptop and our company’s application running (names changed to protect data integrity).
Coworker, pointing to laptop screen: “Where did all this [blah blah] data come from?”
I answer: I entered it into our application from that spreadsheet you sent me about [blah blah] data configuration.
Coworker: What spreadsheet?
Me, typing furiously, then pointing to my laptop screen: the spreadsheet attached to the intranet wiki page about [blah blah] data configuration.
Coworker: Where did that spreadsheet come from? I didn’t send you that.
Me, typing spreadsheet filename into Google Desktop Search, results showing an email from Coworker with said spreadsheet attached: Ah, but indeed you did.
Coworker: I’ll be darned.
Score one for Google Desktop Search.

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