I haven’t been reading much lately. My interest in reading comes in waves, and I have certainly been between waves for a while. After last summer’s disappointing reading, I decided to give up on ‘junk’ novels and read something a little more substantial. I started John Irving’s A Widow for One Year a while back. I am throroughly enjoying it, but it’s not engaged me to the point where I had to just finish it immediately.
Well, a few days ago, I decided to take a break from Irving. I have enjoyed some of the other novels by Lincoln Child and Douglas J. Preston (Relic, The Cabinet of Curiosities), so I picked up Childs’ Utopia. It was about as I expected: much of the technology was a logical, if stretched, extension of current knowledge, the characters were not terribly deep, and the some of the plot elements were not very subtle. But, it was entertaining enough that I completed it in a couple of days.

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