John McCain’s claims that Barak Obama is ‘elite’ are old news now. As we’ve heard, his credibility for making these claims is brought into question by his marriage to a multimillionaire, not knowing exactly how many houses he owns, and saying that earning $5M per year constitutes his definition of being rich.
However, I just read an article that contained some McCain biography, and I learned that his claim to being ‘elite’ goes well beyond a fortunate marriage. Some excerpts:

He was a privileged, but rebellious scion of one of America’s most distinguished military dynasties – his father and grandfather were both admirals.

Through Ross Perot, [McCain] met Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California.

Meanwhile McCain moved to Arizona with his new bride immediately after their 1980 marriage. There, his new father-in-law gave him a job and introduced him to local businessmen and political powerbrokers who would smooth his passage to Washington via the House of Representatives and Senate.

You learn something new every day.

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