This morning, I was reading a little blog post on fear, hope and love as the “three marketing levers”. Nothing astounding in the post, but it got me thinking about the 2008 presidential campaign. Katie has decided to back Hillary Clinton, and I’m going for Obama (not that it really matters, since the matter will be settled before our state’s primary).
Katie’s reasons for supporting Hillary are fear-based: she wants someone who is tough and experienced who is able to stand up to the shitheads in Washington. (She also backs Hillary because she is a woman. Not sure where that falls into these three oversimplified categories. Brand [gender] loyalty, maybe, which falls into the love category)
I’ve decided to back Obama out of hope. I desperately want to see some fresh air in Washington. I have no idea whether Obama can deliver, or whether he’ll just be trampled by the shitheads in Washington, but I’m hopeful.
(Note: each of us seems to be directly buying the primary marketing quality of the respective candidate)

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David · 2008/02/17 at 16:45

Amazing. Simply amazing that such dark, filthy language and bitterness can come from a person who considers himself “Christian.” This is one reason why I stay away from most “Christian” groups. Many of the adherents (I shouldn’t use that term) are not adherent to their OWN handbook.
What is so sad is that the Methodist roots are in a holiness movement. It is a testament to how low members and those attracted to the Methodist church have sunk. Depressing.

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