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The evolution of cucumber UI test steps

by Stan on 2016/03/16, one comment

I’m currently the framework/lead developer of a UI testing framework using Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber (written in Javascript using the bindings).  In an ideal world, cucumber test steps have no reference to anything beyond what is visible to the user in the user interface: And I enter Password1 in the Password field And I click […]

Identifying form elements by the <label> tag contents

by Stan on 2015/10/16, one comment

In a previous post, I explained how I use the text associated with UI objects in my cucumber tests. My steps look something like this: Given I go to the login page And I enter “johndoe” in the field with id “username” And I enter “password1” in the field with id “password” If the application […]

Writing Selenium test steps for cucumber tests

by Stan on 2015/10/03, 2 comments

In my current job, I’m responsible for developing a framework for performing UI testing of web and mobile applications with Selenium WebDriver/Appium, using the bindings for node.js Javascript. We have adopted cucumber as the format for defining the tests. Conventional wisdom regarding UI testing holds that you should always strive to select UI objects by the […]