New gig

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been in transition between jobs. I’m in my first week in my new job as QA Lead at Hyperformix. The product dev teams at Hyperformix have just embraced agile in earnest and are about to wrap up their second sprints. Hyperformix’s new dev director, Matt Roberts, has some good agile experience under his belt, and I was hired, in part, due to my experience with agile at Borland.
As I was going over the current sprint’s team board with Matt this morning, it occurred to me that this was the first time I’ve gone into a new environment that’s using scrum. Previously, when I started a new job, discussions about how the new company does things were completely one-sided. The person I was talking to would describe the process.
In this case, however, it was much more of a dialog since Matt and I share a common standard process and vocabulary. Matt would describe how they do something, and then I would ask, “But the book says to do it this other way.” And Matt would respond by describing in more detail how they’ve implemented the scrum process in question or how they’ve chosen to deviate from the standard process and why. It was a very pleasant experience!