Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

A note on defect severity and priority

by Stan on 2009/08/25, no comments

In my previous post, Defect severity vs. priority, I used examples that explained the rationale behind deciding when to fix and not fix defects. Given agile’s focus on not allowing defects to go unaddressed, I now see that some people could have been confused by these examples. Please note that that post addressed a general […]

Defect severity vs. priority

by Stan on 2009/08/25, 3 comments

In my recent post, Unnecessary abstraction, I used defect severity as an example. I also mentioned that more a more descriptive (less abstract) name for this information would be something like “Customer severity” or “Impact on user.” In my post, I assumed a specific definition of severity. In my career, I’ve dealt repeatedly with confusion […]

NetFlix: the agile enterprise

by Stan on 2009/08/05, no comments

Today, a NetFlix company slideshow titled Reference Guide on our Freedom and Responsibility Culture has been making the blog rounds. As I was reading the slides today, I kept thinking that NetFlix is really trying to employ agile principles (and some others) company-wide. Lots of good ideas in there; i highly recommend it.

The value of automated UI testing

by Stan on 2009/08/03, one comment

During my recent job hunt, test automation came up in practically every interview, typically some broad question like, ‘So, how would you go about implementing test automation?” My standard answer is that you generally get the best bang for your buck the farther deeper in your code you test. As an example, I contrast maintenance […]