Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Agile team rooms

by Stan on 2009/01/15, no comments

Over at Borland’s agile transformation blog, I posted about the team rooms that Borland built recently here in Austin when we moved to a new building. I describe the team rooms’ really nice features, and my post has photos, too! Check it out!

This chaps my ass

by Stan on 2009/01/14, no comments

This morning, I received the following email (identifying info redacted; I don’t see any purpose in revealing the sender’s product): Hi Stan, Ran across your blog “Agile Testing” while looking for bloggers in the software testing area. I thought I’d tell you about the launch of [redacted]. It’s a flexible [redacted] system that features [redacted]… […]

Follow-up: self-service software fail

by Stan on 2009/01/07, no comments

Today, an Amerigas employee who is involved with the rollout of their self-service propane bottle exchange service contacted me regarding my poor experience with the service at my local Home Depot. He asked me some specific questions about my experience in order to try to troubleshoot the problem. That’s just so cool.

Problem-solvers vs task-doers

by Stan on 2009/01/07, one comment

James Bach posted the following comment to my recent post about context-driven testing: [Context-driven testing] is not self-evident, except to problem-solvers. To “task-doers” it is self-evident that they should memorize practices and ignore context– because they will say that context doesn’t really change or matter much. I’ve been mulling that thought over for the last […]

Self-service software fail

by Stan on 2009/01/06, no comments

Over the holidays, I noticed that the Home Depot near our house had installed a self-service propane bottle exchange system. It consists of a computer kiosk and a rack of cages for propane bottles. I watched the demo: Step #1: You swipe your credit card and make the purchase. Step #2: The door to an […]

Context-based testing

by Stan on 2009/01/04, 2 comments

Cem Kaner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord have been developing a concept that they’re calling context-driven testing. Here’s one version of the emerging definition: Context-driven testers choose their testing objectives, techniques, and deliverables (including test documentation) by looking first to the details of the specific situation, including the desires of the stakeholders who commissioned the […]