Sunset on Lake LBJ

2009/11/17 at 08:38

Sunset on Lake LBJ
Taken from the Camp Champions property where we were attending The Outdoor School.

Lake Buchanan at sunrise

2009/02/03 at 13:51

Lake Buchanan at sunrise
(All that bare land around the edge of the lake is lake bottom. The lake is low due to drought.)
Lately, I’ve taken a lot of opportunities to sharpen my advanced photography skills. Composition-wise, this photo is nothing special. However, with automatic exposure, my camera was severely underexposing this scene. Therefore, I switched to manual to overexpose it somewhat. Nice colors.


2009/02/02 at 14:20

Last Saturday, we went on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise. I took a bunch of photos of seagulls as kids fed them off the back of the boat. It was a crisp clear winter day which provided a nice background. Since there was harsh sunlight, I was expecting the gulls to be heavily shadowed. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the reflection off the lake lighted them quite well from below.

Sparkler art

2009/01/22 at 14:25

Bridget with a sparkler at the Jahnsens' ranch in Bulverde
I found this photo as I was going through my archive looking for something else. As long-exposure photos go, nothing earth-shattering, but I liked the lighted background and the fact that the sparkler-holder was still enough to be identifiable.

Light saber art

2009/01/20 at 13:27

Lightsaber art
At the 2008 Austin trail of lights (of which I have no photos, since I dropped and broke my camera while walking to the event!), Samuel bought this light saber thing that lights up blue, green and red. We took it in the backyard one night and played with long exposure photos. In this one, he set it to blink and then moved it in a big circle.

Angry Mawmaw

2009/01/18 at 16:36

Angry Mawmaw
I took this photo of my mother-in-law when we were on vacation in 2004. We were waiting for our food in a restaurant in Red River, New Mexico. We were all really hungry, but our food was slow in coming. I was playing with my point-and-shoot camera to pass the time. I put my tabletop tripod on the table for this photo. As you can guess, Kathy wasn’t happy about having her picture taken.
I love this photo due to its expressiveness, but Kathy has never liked it.

One from the archives

2009/01/17 at 07:50

Autumn Hannah
This is Hannah on the steps of our parsonage in Port Murray, NJ, circa 1995-96. I took this photo with my old Pentax MX film SLR camera. I found the print a while back and scanned it in. Unfortunately, a lot of quality was lost with a 4×6 print that sat in a drawer for 13 years and then got scanned.

Bull Creek, again

2009/01/16 at 12:52

Bull Creek
I took this when I took another walk along a different part of the creek yesterday.

Guns – Ammo – Mondays Ladies Day

2009/01/14 at 12:11

Guns - Ammo - Mondays Ladies Day
In Pflugerville

Bull creek, again

2009/01/13 at 09:06

Bull Creek
Another shot from my walk along Shoal Creek last week. In this shot, the close-up tree adds depth and has the added benefit of obscuring the office buildings on the horizon.