A while back, I wrote about some annoying behavior with iTunes regarding podcasts. I’ve worked around that problem by adding my podcasts to playlists and syncing them as playlists instead of via the Podcasts sync screen.
This means that syncing podcasts to my iPod is not as automatic as it was before, but I don’t mind managing a couple of playlists by hand. It also solves another minor problem: a couple of the podcasts that I subscribe to consist of very short recordings. I can listen to several of those during one commute. The problem is that if I play them via the Podcasts menu on my iPod, at the end of each one, I have to navigate from the top level menu back down to the podcast and play the next one. Not a great idea when I’m driving at 70 mph. But, if I add all of them to a playlist and play that, my iPod will just play one podcast after another.
Update January 11, 2007: Please see Apple’s intended solution to this problem.

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