According to this no-duh article, shoppers have reported the following problems:

  • 50 per cent have had a retail problem.
  • The main problems are time it takes to find parking or the product the consumer wants, and unknowledgeable or rude staff
  • The bigger the store, the higher the chance there will be a problem
  • Men are less loyal than women.*

After analyzing the results of the survey, Wharton School marketing professor Stephen Hoch made the following recommendations:

If businesses want to stop the bleeding from negative word-of-mouth, it’s clear that they need to invest in ensuring that each customer experience is first rate – from adequate parking, to trained front-line staff, to the right product mix, both in stock and on the shelves.

Boy, the sponsors of the survey got their money’s worth with that astounding act of analysis.
* That’s a shocker!

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