The issue of whether Christian young’uns should be sharing music via P2P has made a lot of news lately, even a Salon (premium) article. The Gospel Music Association (granted, not an unbiased party) recently released a study that concluded:

…born again Christian teens are not much different than are non-born again teens in terms of holding an anti-piracy moral position. Just 10% of Christian teens believe that copying CDs for friends and unauthorized music downloading are morally wrong, compared to 6% of non-born agains.

I find the attitudes that sharing music isn’t wrong interesting, and this is an interesting angle.

I certainly think that the recording industry is pursuing the wrong strategy by fighting music sharing tooth and nail. And it’s ultimately a doomed strategy. I think they’d be much smarter to embrace technology and find ways to make money from it, instead of desperately hanging on to the existing system.

But, regardless of whether the current laws are fair, the law is the law. It’s currently illegal to share music, and I struggle with that. I’m not saying I’ve never downloaded music. (I have, in fact, but I found it too much trouble). Also, I don’t think music sharing is any different from software piracy, and as a software developer, I can see who’s harmed by software piracy.

So, I struggle with the issue of following the law, regardless of my perception of its fairness. No answers, but I understand the public dialog.

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