Photography update

2006/09/18 at 09:46

A couple of months ago, I got my dream camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT dSLR. Unfortunately, I haven’t had (or made) the opportunity to take that many photos with it yet. Last Saturday, we had a birthday party for Samuel and his friend Collin. I’m not usually very good about taking photos at family events, because I don’t want to miss the action, but I made a concerted effort at the party.
The party took place inside the clubhouse and in and around the pool. The clubhouse was lit by several windows and a couple of overhead lights. At first, I tried some flashless shots, but most were blurry. So, I tried a few with flash. Not impressive. Finally, it dawned on me to increase my ISO from 100 to 400. After that, I got some nice inside shots with no flash. Outside, I primarily used fill flash to counteract the strong sunshine.
I didn’t get any outstanding shots, but here are some of the photos I’m happiest with:
The birthday boys Andrew Ona
This one is blurry, but it turned out to be a nice effect given the subject: