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Organs for sale

2004/08/21 at 23:14

OK, so Google AdSense context-sensitive ads are not always perfect:
I sure hope those refer to two different types of organs.

Twenty-first centry threats

2004/08/18 at 16:59

In a campaign speech at a Boeing factory in Pennsylvania, George W. Bush said:

Another thing that’s interesting that’s happening at Boeing that probably you aren’t aware of, but you should be, is that Boeing engineers lowered the first ballistic missile interceptor into its silo at Fort Greely, Alaska. It’s the beginning of a missile defense system that was envisioned by Ronald Reagan, a system necessary to protect us against the threats of the 21st century. (Applause.) We want to continue to perfect this system, so we say to those tyrants who believe they can blackmail America and the free world: you fire, we’re going to shoot it down. (Applause.)
I think those who oppose this ballistic missile system really don’t understand the threats of the 21st century. They’re living in the past. We’re living in the future. We’re going to do what’s necessary to protect this country. (Applause.)

Gee, did Al-Qaeda get its hands on ICBMs? ‘Cause, you know, I thought the ‘Star Wars’ system was dreamt up to deal with 20th century cold war threats.

Wildlife Rescue

2004/08/15 at 16:10

This morning before church, I took the dogs on a walk around Hendrickson High School. When we got back near the athletics facilities, I spotted a large owl trapped inside one of the baseball batting cages.

Each cage consists of a steel frame holding up a big ‘box’ of synthetic net. Apparently, the owl had landed on the ground outside the cage and gotten inside it under the edge of the net. But it wasn’t able to find its way back out.
I lifted up the net on one side and propped it open, hoping the owl would find its way out. But due to the owl’s very sharp talons and beak, I was reluctant to try to coax it towards the opening I’d made. And the presence of the very excited dogs further complicated the situation.

Then we walked home and I reported the problem to the county animal control. But the kids wanted to see the owl, so we hopped in the van and drove over there.

When we got there, I noticed another big frame of the net material inside the cage. So, I picked it up and walked toward the owl with the frame between me and the owl who at this point was hanging from the net roof. At the first attempt to coax the owl toward the opening, it just flew a few feet and hung from the net again. I advanced and again tried to coax it to fly. This time the owl flew right out the opening and flew off toward the nearby corn fields. I did it!

Lunch Addiction

2004/08/13 at 12:35

I just have to say that Randall’s Grocery Stores make the yummiest sandwiches.

Lounge Lizard, part two

2004/08/13 at 09:25

I finally captured a (not very good) photo of the lizard who sleeps outside our bathroom window


My leg! My leg!

2004/08/13 at 09:11


Sunrise in Pflugerville

2004/08/13 at 08:33

This is the old windmill on the greenbelt behind our house. I’ve been waiting for the right conditions to take a sunrise or sunset photo of it. This morning I was awake and dressed at sunrise, and a cold front blew through yesterday which cleared the skies of their usual summer haze.

What Would Atkins Do?

2004/08/12 at 10:00

This is hysterical:

The Catholic Church has been a little down on its luck recently… That’s why I think they should found What Would Atkins Do, Incorporated.

Here’s how it works. The church opens a series of bakeries across the nation, selling all varieties of grain products: bread, muffins, pasta, you name it. Each outlet also employs a deacon, who sanctifies everything before its shipped to locals stores. It would be sort of like the kosher food deal, but, you know, Christier.

And voila: moneymaker! The 96% of the American population currently on the Atkins diet could enjoy all those baked goods they’ve had to forego, without having to worry about meddlesome carbs. Thanks to the (literal!) miracle of transubstantiation, those WWAD cinnamon rolls and bagels will turn into the (literal!) body of Christ after consumption, thereby converting a carbohydrate-laden doughnut into a the relatively carb-free hunk of Messiah. Dieters get to eat bread again and stave off eternal damnation, all at the same time — it’s win-win!

Blogging is post-modern journalism

2004/08/09 at 15:40

I was just reading a blog post about how threatened ‘credentialed’ journalists feel about bloggers–in particular, since bloggers were given passes to the Democratic National Convention.

Some of the people who commented on this post postulated that ‘objectivity’ is the heart of the matter. Traditional journalists offer ‘objectivity’ and criticize bloggers for their subjectivity.

But in a post-modern world, objectivity is a questionable concept. Bloggers appeal to us precisely BECAUSE they are subjective and admit it. We suspect traditional journalists because they claim objectivity, but we know that true objectivity is not possible. At least we have a good idea what biases a particular blogger offers.

Larry, Moe and Curly

2004/08/06 at 22:56

The young swallows that have been raised above our front door this summer waiting for their mommy’s return.