Project Censored

2006/01/30 at 12:36

Common Dreams’ list of the top ten underreported news stories of 2005 is interesting, though I have issues with Common Dreams’ referring to the stories as ‘censored’.


2005/10/04 at 10:50

This morning, while I was running on the Town Lake trail, I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt with this slogan emblazoned across her chest:
This is what a feminist looks like
So, should I be embarrassed that I noticed it? Hey, I like to read t-shirts on passersby when I’m running.

Flickr dogs

2005/06/21 at 09:23

For your cute dog addiction, check out Flickr dogs

Geek with a gun

2005/06/01 at 09:57

This is a photo of me from last weekend at my sister’s ranch. I’m now using this photo as my laptop’s desktop background in order to intimidate my co-workers.
For the record, I didn’t just pose with the shotgun. I shot and killed at least two water snakes in my sister’s tanks (that’s ‘ponds’ for most people) while we were fishing.