2004/08/25 at 11:18

This Yahoo! news photo just gives me the creeps:
UPDATE: Katie tells me those nails are probably fake–which doesn’t reduce the yuck factor by much for me.

…of mass destruction

2004/05/20 at 08:54

Since I titled a recent post “Office Snacks of Mass Destruction,” I thought I’d investigate the use of the term “X of mass destruction.” A Google search for the phrase “of mass destruction” excluding the words “weapons” and “weapon” returns 41K+ results. Guess it’s an official cliche now. Glad to see I’m such a cutting edge trendsetter.

Some highlights of the search results:

Office Snacks of Mass Destruction

2004/05/19 at 19:58

For the second time this week, someone has burned popcorn in the microwave at work. To my knowledge no corporate drone in America has ever succeeded in popping microwave popcorn at work without, at best, sickening their coworkers with the smell, and at worst causing the building to be evacuated. At least the fire alarm makes a nice break.