2019/07/18 at 07:26

My coworker Joel announced a few months ago that his wife was pregnant with their first children. I already had one of these projects underway with no intended recipient, so I actually managed to finish both of them within a couple of weeks of the children’s birth. I’ve been doing projects for children with these dogs for over 20 years. I think I’ll retire it. If I do more newborn projects, I’ll just have to come up with a different design.

Brooks Cross-stitch

Betty cross-stitch


I made another Cthulhu

2016/04/19 at 11:20


Office Sweet Office

2015/04/27 at 06:54

I have this recent project proudly displayed above my desk.

Office Sweet Office cross stitch

One Tough Chick

2015/04/27 at 06:48

I recently completed this cross stitch project for my coworker Nicole.

One Tough Chick cross stitch

My newest cross stitch project

2014/01/01 at 14:53
May Cthulhu Destroy This Home Last

May Cthulhu Destroy This Home Last

Here’s the pattern.

‘Welcome to Our Frigging Home’ Cross Stitch Design

2012/12/04 at 08:33

I just completed this for some friends who are about to move into a new house:

'Welcome to our frigging home' cross stitch

Office Sweet Office

2012/11/12 at 15:33

I finished this cross stitch piece a couple of days ago. I stitched it on vinyl canvas and just mounted it to a piece of adhesive cardboard.

Office Sweet Office Cross Stitch Project

Some of my cross stitch designs

2012/11/08 at 12:54

In addition to needlepoint and bargello, I also do cross stitch–though, my cross stitch projects tend to be much less ambitious than my needlework designs.

Here are a few of the cross stitch projects that I’ve done over the years:

The dogs in this design come from Mary Norden’s Ethnic Needlepoint book:

Cross stitch

These elephants come from the same book:

Elephant cross stitch pattern

I did this for an online gift exchange:

Another cross-stitch project completed

Original needpoint designs

2012/11/05 at 08:39

In this post, I noted that most of my needlepoint and cross stitch designs are original. Here are some of my designs

Kilim-inspired pillow

You can download the pattern here.

Kilim pillow

Crosses design

Crosses pillow

Diamonds design

Every design that I’d done recently before this was all done on 45 and 90 degree angles, so I decided to try something different.

Diamonds pillow

Needlework projects based on designs by Mary Norden

2012/11/02 at 14:24

Back in high school, I started doing four-way bargello needlework. At some later point, I moved on to needlepoint (in bargello, the stitches are the same direction as the canvas; in needlepoint, stitches are diagonal to the canvas). Every time I visit a used bookstore, I check out the needlework section. I’ve bought a lot of needlepoint books over the years, but by far, my favorite designer is Mary Norden, and my favorite book of designs is Ethnic Needlepoint. I’ve designed most of my needlepoint projects myself over the years, but I’ve now stitched several designs straight from this book. Here are two of them that date, roughly, from the mid-2000s:

Norden pillow

Norden pillow