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Not a maker

by Stan on 2015/01/25, no comments

I recently met with a friend of a friend to offer some ideas on a career change. This guy has a BA in English and has worked in retail management for 26 years. It has worn him out and he is looking for something new. When he heard that I work in software development, he […]

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by Stan on 2014/02/24, no comments

Early on in my career as a software tester, I learned–the hard way–not to use profanity in my test text when an executive asked me to demo our software to someone outside the company and I had to use my test environment. In the same vein,¬†Rian van der Merwe has collected ¬†instances of placeholder text […]

Follow-up: self-service software fail

by Stan on 2009/01/07, no comments

Today, an Amerigas employee who is involved with the rollout of their self-service propane bottle exchange service contacted me regarding my poor experience with the service at my local Home Depot. He asked me some specific questions about my experience in order to try to troubleshoot the problem. That’s just so cool.