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by Stan Taylor

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Can distributed teams be agile?

by Stan on 2008/07/21, no comments

In a recent blog post, Tobias Mayer observed that one of the hottest topics around is how to do agile with geographically distributed teams: Many Scrum practitioners these days are working hard to come up with the best way to make Scrum work in distributed (usually off-shore) environments. There are many articles being written on […]

Agile testing with globally distributed resources, part 2

by Stan on 2008/04/10, no comments

In my previous post, I explained that our company’s team in Singapore performs what we call enterprise testing, and I outlined some of the steps we’re taking to help the enterprise testing team to support the agile R&D teams more effectively. In this post, I’ll share some specific practices that we’re working to implement.

Agile testing with globally distributed resources

by Stan on 2008/04/07, no comments

Here at Borland, basic functional testing is the domain of the agile team that develops the functionality, while a dedicated QA team in Singapore is charged with performing what we refer to as enterprise testing–performance and scalability, integration, localization, etc. This post outlines some of the changes that we’re implementing in regard to the enterprise […]