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Concerns about unit test quality

by Stan on 2009/02/20, no comments

In a recent blog post, Nat Pryce expressed a concern that I’ve long had: I have observed that few programmers are skeptical enough about the code they write. They focus on success cases, ignore edge cases and error cases, try to bang out as many features as possible, and don’t notice that those features are […]

Agile Testing, the book

by Stan on 2008/10/22, no comments

Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, the much anticipated book by agile testing gurus Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, is scheduled for publication in December, but apparently, it’s already available as an ebook via via Safari books online. Call me old fashioned, but I think I’ll wait for the paper publication.

Ten myths of agile testing

by Stan on 2008/09/30, no comments

Test and QA Report magazine has published ten myths of agile testing: see myths 1-5, and myths 6-10. I have some thoughts about some of them, but no time to comment right now. In the meantime, you can check the myths out for yourself.

Risk-based testing

by Stan on 2008/08/21, one comment

One of the Ten Tips for Agile Testing is “Use risk based testing.” You can never test everything with the same (extensive) depth; even in a waterfall project you have to make choices. In an agile project all the activities are time boxed so you have to make choices about how extensively you want to […]

Agile testing primer

by Stan on 2008/07/29, no comments

I just ran across an old article by Scott Ambler in Dr. Dobb’s Journal that provides a good introduction to agile testing.

Exploratory testing

by Stan on 2008/07/22, one comment

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of conventional QA engineers on agile projects. In my earlier post on this topic, I concluded that there is less need for non-coding QA specialists on agile teams, but that the skills that such a person brings to the table are still necessary. In a recent […]

What does ‘done’ mean?

by Stan on 2008/06/05, one comment

Here’s a problem that I’ve been thinking about recently. I’d love to hear feedback. Scrum dictates that each user story that a team commits to in a sprint should be complete at the end of the sprint, and the story’s acceptance criteria define what ‘done’ means. Certain types of enterprise testing can pose challenges to […]

Agile Testing Talk

by Stan on 2008/03/18, no comments

This is a good talk by Elisabeth Hendrickson from December, 2005 at Google. She has lots of insights into testing in an agile environment and she’s an entertaining speaker.