Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Automating android cordova/phonegap applications with appium

by Stan on 2015/10/16, no comments

I am just putting this out there for others to find, because I had such a difficult time locating this crucial tidbit of information: if you select the Android WebView context in your hybrid mobile application, you can run your DOM-based Selenium tests against it using appium. I am tasked with creating UI automation for an […]

Identifying form elements by the <label> tag contents

by Stan on 2015/10/16, one comment

In a previous post, I explained how I use the text associated with UI objects in my cucumber tests. My steps look something like this: Given I go to the login page And I enter “johndoe” in the field with id “username” And I enter “password1” in the field with id “password” If the application […]

Words have meanings!

by Stan on 2015/10/10, no comments

I recently received the following message via LinkedIn: Dear Stan, We are a young silicon-valley-like startup … … developing disruptive products for sensing, cognition and communication for the Internet of Things (IoT) market; … fully funded with an exclusive Fortune 200 customer already secured; … who is working closely with us to specify the product […]

Writing Selenium test steps for cucumber tests

by Stan on 2015/10/03, 2 comments

In my current job, I’m responsible for developing a framework for performing UI testing of web and mobile applications with Selenium WebDriver/Appium, using the bindings for node.js Javascript. We have adopted cucumber as the format for defining the tests. Conventional wisdom regarding UI testing holds that you should always strive to select UI objects by the […]