Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Testing and Toyota

by Stan on 2010/03/21, no comments

Testing rock star James Bach has published several good blog posts about the Toyota braking problems: Advice to Lawyers Suing Toyota, Toyota Story Analysis, CNN Believes Whatever Computers Say.
The following line struck me from the ‘Advice’ post: “Extensive testing” has no fixed meaning. To management, and to anyone not versed in testing, ALL testing LOOKS extensive. This is because testing bores the hell out of most people, and even a little of it seems like a lot.
That’s very true except when a bug slips through and gets caught by users.
That’s when it’s so much fun to remind management that they chose the amount of testing that let this bug slip past. Test lead to management: Remember way back when, I presented you with some options regarding testing: if we have X amount of time, we’ll get Y amount of testing done, here’s the way we prioritize the work and the associated risks, or if we have X+A amount of time, we can do Y+B amount of testing done, with the following risks.