Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

SilkTest’s replacement for the Exists() method

by Stan on 2010/03/31, one comment

I’ve recently started a new SilkTest project testing a web application, using SilkTest’s new open agent and the 4Test scripting language. This post covers an aspect of what I’ve learned. In the SilkTest ‘classic’ agent, you used the ‘Exists()’ method to test whether an object exists in the application under test, e.g.,: if (Page.Object1.Object2.Object3.Exists()) // […]

Borland SilkTest’s new open agent

by Stan on 2010/03/31, no comments

I’ve been a user of Borland SilkTest off and on since the late 1990s. After not having used it for several years, I picked it up again when I worked at Borland 2006-2009. Since it was our company’s own tool, we intended to use it to automate testing of the web UI application I was […]

Testing and Toyota

by Stan on 2010/03/21, no comments

Testing rock star James Bach has published several good blog posts about the Toyota braking problems: Advice to Lawyers Suing Toyota, Toyota Story Analysis, CNN Believes Whatever Computers Say. The following line struck me from the ‘Advice’ post: “Extensive testing” has no fixed meaning. To management, and to anyone not versed in testing, ALL testing […]

Where’s s/Waldo/Stan?

by Stan on 2010/03/05, one comment

As you may have noticed (those of you who still visit here), I haven’t posted anything substantive here in several months. Lots of reasons both personal and professional. But let’s not dwell on the past. Let me tell you what I’m up to now. At the first of this year, I started as the lead […]