Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

My job application workflow

by Stan on 2009/07/30, no comments

When I was job hunting this year, I developed the following preferences of how to get my resume in front of a hiring manager: Have a friend or FOAF who works at the hiring company hand my resume directly to the hiring manager Have a trusted recruiter represent me Have the recruiter who advertised the […]

Job hunting tip: Beware of HCI International

by Stan on 2009/07/29, one comment

NOTE:The original version of this post contained much stronger accusatory language. In October, 2010, I was contacted by someone who claimed to be associated with the companies in this post. He was very upset at my accusation that the companies were running a scam. Although I have no intention just to buckle to his pressure, […]

One unanticipated value of blogging

by Stan on 2009/07/25, no comments

Over at Snarkmarket, I ran across this thought today: I always tell people that blogging is useful, even if nobody’s reading, because it forces you to have an opinion on things. You don’t realize how blankly you experience most of the stuff you read every day until you force yourself to say something—even something very […]

Unnecessary abstraction

by Stan on 2009/07/22, no comments

At my new job, I’m currently putting together a defect management process, something I’ve done at pretty much every company I’ve ever worked at. Part of the process includes defining data fields and values associated with defect reports. A typical defect tracking system has the following combo box field and values: field name: Severity – […]

Reaching the unreachable

by Stan on 2009/07/20, no comments

The other day, I ran across this blog post by Jeff Atwood in which he argues, essentially, that those who would benefit most from learning more about their profession (e.g., reading programming books or blogs, studying process methods, etc.) are most often precisely those who are least likely to seek out such education on their […]

The $23,148,855,308,184,500 bug

by Stan on 2009/07/16, no comments

The story of Visa charging a number of customers $23,148,855,308,184,500 has been all over the news the last couple of days. Slashdot commenter rickb928 provides a plausible explanation for the error. I work in this industry. The only novelty here is that the error got into production, and was not caught and corrected before it […]

Update to self-service software fail, ver. 2

by Stan on 2009/07/15, one comment

The first time I wrote a post about problems with the self-service propane exchange system at my local Home Depot, someone from AmeriGas contacted me about it. This time, I got a message from someone at Home Depot customer care. Interesting that these companies are watching the blogosphere so closely.

Software testing categorization

by Stan on 2009/07/15, no comments

Over at the Google Testing Blog, Miško Hevery has a short post on what constitutes small, medium and large testing. To summarize his post: Small: make sure each class works properly in isolation Medium: make sure the classes work together Large: end-to-end scenario testing to make sure that everything is wired together properly

Meeting cost ticker

by Stan on 2009/07/15, no comments

Throughout my career, I’ve been struck by how tight companies can be with expenditures but how freely they waste money via time. Of course, this is because labor is already budgeted and paid regardless of how efficiently it’s spent, and, I suppose, because it’s difficult to quantify time wasting. In particular, if I get into […]

Self-service software fail, ver. 2

by Stan on 2009/07/13, one comment

Early this year, the Home Depot near our home installed a self-service propane bottle exchange system. I tried it out, it failed, and I documented my experience on this blog. A representative of Amerigas found my blog post, and contacted me about my experience in order to troubleshoot the source of the problem. I thought […]