Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Descriptive vs prescriptive testing

by Stan on 2009/03/10, no comments

Over at his Collaborative Software Testing blog, Jonathan Kohl has an interesting post about Descriptive and Prescriptive Testing which he defines as follows: A prescriptive style is a preference towards direction (“do this, do that”) while a descriptive style is more reflective (“this is what we did”). Both involve desired outcomes or goals, but one […]

Team liturgies

by Stan on 2009/03/03, no comments

Over at the Agile Software Development blog, Janusz Gorycki reminds us that scrum activities–daily stand-up, planning, retrospectives–play an important role beyond the purported goal of each activity: The quality of the team and the caliber of its members is more important than the efficiency of its processes – nothing controversial about this statement really, this […]

Just enough process: the checklist

by Stan on 2009/03/02, no comments

Following processes is important for ensuring quality, but often processes become an end in themselves. Therefore, one of the stock statements you’ll hear from me is: we need just enough process and no more. In one company where I worked, we had a couple of developers on our project who were inexperienced at doing UI […]