Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Concerns about unit test quality

by Stan on 2009/02/20, no comments

In a recent blog post, Nat Pryce expressed a concern that I’ve long had: I have observed that few programmers are skeptical enough about the code they write. They focus on success cases, ignore edge cases and error cases, try to bang out as many features as possible, and don’t notice that those features are […]

User experience annoyances

by Stan on 2009/02/11, no comments

I use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio quite frequently in the course of my work. Most of the time, however, I’m logged in as a user who has broad privileges on the instance I’m managing. Recently, however, I’ve been managing an internal production application that is hosted by IT. Since this application’s database resides on […]

Forest for the trees, from a different angle

by Stan on 2009/02/10, no comments

Today, Elisabeth Hendrickson has a blog post out titled How Much to Automate? Agile Changes the Equation. In this post, she points out the value of timely, reliable automated test results: But teams that do practice TDD and ATDD wind up with large suites of automated tests as a side effect. (Yes, it’s a side […]

How did we get into this forest?

by Stan on 2009/02/09, no comments

In my previous entry, I described a conversation I had recently. A colleague asked for my opinion on how to solve a problem with maintaining automated UI tests. After hearing a few details about the situation, I told him that in my opinion, his team had a larger problem that that: they would be better […]

Forest for the trees

by Stan on 2009/02/06, no comments

I had a conversation recently with a colleague whose small company had contracted out their testing. One of the (several) problems of this arrangement, he said, was that the testers had created automated UI tests, but they were having trouble keeping the tests up to date. The colleague asked me what I thought they should […]