Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Ends and means

by Stan on 2008/11/18, one comment

James Shore, author of The Art of Agile Development, has a new blog post, The Decline and Fall of Agile, in which he declares that “the agile movement has been in decline for several years now,” and by “agile” he specifically means “scrum.” He writes: There are a lot of teams right now failing with […]

Survey says: 40% of CIOs are clueless

by Stan on 2008/11/14, no comments

A new survey of CIOs found that “40% of CIO’s reported a general indifference towards the quality of the software they produce.” Also see the blog post about the survey with some good comments. Interesting. Not surprising, but interesting.

The ten commandments of agile

by Stan on 2008/11/09, no comments

Blogger Kishore Kumar, who apparently has no direct experience of agile, recently looked at the agile manifesto and its related principles of agile and concluded that agile is ‘the new religion‘ and that the agile principles constitute its twelve commandments. Over at the Borland Agile Transformation blog, I wrote three blog posts in response to […]