Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Ten myths of agile testing

by Stan on 2008/09/30, no comments

Test and QA Report magazine has published ten myths of agile testing: see myths 1-5, and myths 6-10. I have some thoughts about some of them, but no time to comment right now. In the meantime, you can check the myths out for yourself.

Exploratory testing as a structured process

by Stan on 2008/09/17, no comments

In common usage, I think the term ‘exploratory testing’ is often used to refer to ad hoc testing–it’s lipstick on a pig. But the big thinkers in quality assurance view ET as a structured testing process. Mike Kelly lists some of the skills necessary for performing exploratory testing. Mike also points to the newest version […]

Agile and the Protestant reformation

by Stan on 2008/09/10, no comments

I’ve already compared agile to Alcoholics Anonymous, so why not religion? Tom Grant draws an analogy between the timing of Luther’s demands that sparked the Protestant reformation and the timing of the rise of agile within software development: Remember junior high school history class, when we heard that Luther’s protest conveniently occurred just when secular […]