Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Agile maturity

by Stan on 2008/08/25, no comments

In an earlier post, I made reference to Alistair Cockburn’s application of Shu Ha Ri to agile adoption. This comment summarizes a session at Agile 2008 in which the participants broke this agile maturity scale down even further: 0- The Agile Convert attempts to understand and learn all the Practices. 1- The Agile Purist follows […]

Risk-based testing

by Stan on 2008/08/21, one comment

One of the Ten Tips for Agile Testing is “Use risk based testing.” You can never test everything with the same (extensive) depth; even in a waterfall project you have to make choices. In an agile project all the activities are time boxed so you have to make choices about how extensively you want to […]


by Stan on 2008/08/20, no comments

In a new post, Scott Barber reminds testers that there may often be valid business reasons for making decisions that may run counter to the tester’s view of what it takes to build quality software: Most testers I meet simply have not been exposed to the virtually impossible business challenges regularly facing development projects that […]

What’s the deal with Gen-Y testers?

by Stan on 2008/08/14, one comment

Down under, Dean Cornish has been having a hard time finding qualified QA engineers, and in his recent blog post, he ponders why that is. In his post, Dean throws out a lot of possible reasons for this problem, but the end of the post gets to the heart of the matter for him: Off […]

Agile adoption cheat sheet?

by Stan on 2008/08/09, 2 comments

Amr Elssamadisy, author of Agile Adoption Patterns, has published an ‘Agile Adoption Cheat Sheet‘ in InformIT in which he outlines the steps to take in order to adopt agile. One thing strikes me right away about this article: it makes no mention of the agile manifesto or the agile manifesto’s principles. Perhaps the author assumes […]

Update from the Agile 2008 conference

by Stan on 2008/08/07, no comments

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Borland booth the last few days, explaining our new BMS software to passersby. It’s actually been a lot of fun, as I’ve had the opportunity to talk with lots of people about our own agile experiences at Borland. The most interesting conversation was with an agile coach […]

Greetings from Agile 2008

by Stan on 2008/08/06, no comments

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend any conference sessions on Tuesday. Several Borland employees got hung up in Chicago due to bad weather, so I spent most of the day working the Borland booth. I plan to attend some sessions today.