Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

The end of demoware

by Stan on 2008/07/31, one comment

Damon Poole points out a benefit of agile development that I hadn’t given much thought to: …the reason I enjoy Agile development is because it made my job more fun. Today, thanks to Agile development, I interact with customers more than ever before. As a product owner, I do more demos and am able to […]

Agile testing primer

by Stan on 2008/07/29, no comments

I just ran across an old article by Scott Ambler in Dr. Dobb’s Journal that provides a good introduction to agile testing.

Agile 2008 Conference

by Stan on 2008/07/28, no comments

I’ll be attending the Agile 2008 Conference in Toronto next week. Among other things, I’ll be working the Borland booth a few hours each day. Drop by and see me. And while you’re there, watch our ‘Day in the life of an agile team’ video, in which I star as … wait for it … […]

Form field validation zaniness

by Stan on 2008/07/24, no comments

My coworker who has a two-letter last name has complained of applications that require a longer string in the ‘last name’ field. Somehow, I think most applications I’ve ever tested would have the opposite validation error for this guy.

Exploratory testing

by Stan on 2008/07/22, one comment

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of conventional QA engineers on agile projects. In my earlier post on this topic, I concluded that there is less need for non-coding QA specialists on agile teams, but that the skills that such a person brings to the table are still necessary. In a recent […]

Can distributed teams be agile?

by Stan on 2008/07/21, no comments

In a recent blog post, Tobias Mayer observed that one of the hottest topics around is how to do agile with geographically distributed teams: Many Scrum practitioners these days are working hard to come up with the best way to make Scrum work in distributed (usually off-shore) environments. There are many articles being written on […]

Fake it till you make it

by Stan on 2008/07/18, no comments

In an earlier post, I compared agile to 12-step programs, and I listed 12-step slogans that could also apply to agile. Since I posted that, one slogan that I missed keeps coming to mind: Fake it till you make it. In AA, ‘Fake is till you make it‘ is “a suggestion often made to newcomers […]

Borland on Borland: Enterprise Agile Transformation

by Stan on 2008/07/15, no comments

Borland just released a white paper that discusses our move to agile: Borland on Borland: A Case Study in Enterprise Transformation. The section on agile testing briefly covers the first phase that I’ve helped to define and implement: One area where Borland was particularly challenged was around test automation. According to Agile principles, every feature […]

Agile and AA

by Stan on 2008/07/10, no comments

I just ran across a blog post by Tobias Mayer that compares scrum to Alcoholics Anonymous. Like scrum teams, AA groups are self-organizing with no formal leadership, and the participants of the group work closely together on a focused, shared goal. And of course, both AA and scrum require constant re-evaluation and change. Tobias goes […]

Conventional software QA engineers and agile

by Stan on 2008/07/08, one comment

As I learn more about and gain more experience with testing in an agile environment, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the suitability of conventional QA engineers in agile environments. Since agile methodologies stress that the entire team is responsible for testing and that as much testing as possible be automated, the QA specialist has limited […]