Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

A social animal?

by Stan on 2008/06/12, no comments

Jon Williams makes the following observation: Agile development practices require a developer to be social. There’s a daily scrum, pair programming, end-users on team, kaizen meetings and the like, all situations which require high social interaction. I can agree with that. He then follows with these questions: (a) Does Agile push developers out of their […]

Deconstructing my unofficial career goals

by Stan on 2008/06/06, one comment

Some of my unofficial career goals up to this point included: 1.) never being in a position where I had to use PowerPoint on a regular basis, and 2.) spending as little time as possible with sales, marketing and advertising people. In the past, I’ve associated both those activities with pointless waste of time. Well, […]

What does ‘done’ mean?

by Stan on 2008/06/05, one comment

Here’s a problem that I’ve been thinking about recently. I’d love to hear feedback. Scrum dictates that each user story that a team commits to in a sprint should be complete at the end of the sprint, and the story’s acceptance criteria define what ‘done’ means. Certain types of enterprise testing can pose challenges to […]