Agile Testing

by Stan Taylor

Agile programming is no hooey

by Stan on 2008/04/30, no comments

In InfoWorld, Frank Hayes offers a very brief introduction to agile: Agile programming is no hooey. This might be a good high-level starting place in an introduction to agile.

They think they’re ‘doing agile’

by Stan on 2008/04/29, no comments

In my discussions and reading, I hear a lot of people declare that so-and-so group thinks they’re agile, but they aren’t really. I don’t think this type of either/or judgments are very useful–there isn’t really a checklist of criteria for judging whether a group is truly ‘doing agile’ or not. I think there’s a more […]

On the same page

by Stan on 2008/04/25, no comments

Throughout my career as a QA engineer, I’ve used the following informal question as a basic sanity check: Does my gut tell me that everyone involved is on the same page? Do the developers, the QA engineers, the technical writers all have a common understanding of what they’re developing? Most of my jobs had no […]

Evidence for working in small groups

by Stan on 2008/04/24, no comments

From 37Signals’ blog: If you’re working in a big group, you’re fighting human nature According to British author Antony Jay, there are centuries of evidence to support the idea that small groups are the most efficient. In “The Corporation Man,” he talks about how humans have worked in small groups, usually five to fifteen people, […]

The purpose of testing

by Stan on 2008/04/23, no comments

Oh his blog, Andy Pohls tells an interesting story of a customer who refused to deploy code that did not have an automated test. Moreover, the output of the missing test in question was an XML file. When the customer was shown how to read the XML that was being passed between systems, he realized […]

Don’t be fooled by the coverage report

by Stan on 2008/04/22, no comments

I just ran across an (older) article about the difference between code coverage and code quality. The author argues that teams should not just rely on code coverage statistics. They should be more interested in the quality of the unit tests themselves. As a QA engineer, unit testing has been one of the most difficult […]

Agile testing with globally distributed resources, part 2

by Stan on 2008/04/10, no comments

In my previous post, I explained that our company’s team in Singapore performs what we call enterprise testing, and I outlined some of the steps we’re taking to help the enterprise testing team to support the agile R&D teams more effectively. In this post, I’ll share some specific practices that we’re working to implement.

Agile testing with globally distributed resources

by Stan on 2008/04/07, no comments

Here at Borland, basic functional testing is the domain of the agile team that develops the functionality, while a dedicated QA team in Singapore is charged with performing what we refer to as enterprise testing–performance and scalability, integration, localization, etc. This post outlines some of the changes that we’re implementing in regard to the enterprise […]

Agile Vs. Waterfall

by Stan on 2008/04/02, one comment

This was our development group’s entry to Borland’s video contest for Sales Kickoff 2008. I’m waterfall in the video.