The psychology of promiscuity

2005/08/15 at 10:53

Over at Defective Yeti, Matthew Baldwin has invited his readers to offer dating truisms. One commenter advised, probably wisely: If the guy can’t remember how many girls he’s slept with, that is a good sign that maybe he’s not the one for you.
As someone who has had a very limited number of sexual partners in my lifetime (sorry, no details), this got me wondering about people who’ve slept around a lot: at what point do you quit counting? And if you do remember, how to you decide to answer a new date’s query: to lie and say you don’t remember or to be truthful with a large number? Well, if you’re concerned about the size of the number and decide to lie about it, I imagine you might as well lie and say a much lower number rather than claiming not to remember.
Boy, life complications that I’ve never even considered.

Kicked out of kindergarten

2005/08/14 at 17:20

Samuel starts kindergarten this week. In preparation, Katie bought him a new lunchbox and water bottle. The water bottle has a liquid-filled insert that you can put in the freezer, let freeze, and then insert into the bottle to keep your drink cold. Samuel thinks it’s really cool.
I kept referring to the insert as an ‘ice dildo’ due to its shape. Katie suggested I stop using this reference lest Samuel pick up the usage and get expelled from kindergarten before he even gets going.

Praying mantis catches hummingbird

2005/08/12 at 11:39

This is so cool. This guy got photos of a praying mantis that had just caught a hummingbird.

Gadget heaven!

2005/08/12 at 11:35

I really want a remote controlled lawnmower! I can picture myself sitting on the deck and sipping a cold margarita while I mow. Unfortunately, it’s still a little out of my price range.

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

2005/08/12 at 09:29

I just completed the audio edition of The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s an ambitious and lyrical exploration of family, history and empire in Africa. It’s an amazing book, though I barely made it all the way through.

Vacation photos

2005/08/08 at 21:03

I’ve posted photos from our vacation to flickr.

Post-vacation resolutions

2005/08/08 at 11:13

We just spent a week in the mountains of New Mexico with no TV, radio, recorded music or computer. It was blissful. I took along a book, some magazines and some needlework, but the most I managed to accomplish was to read a few National Geographic articles. I have little idea what happened in the world last week, and I don’t really care.
Based on that experience, I’m vowing to do the following now:

  • Watch less television
  • Surf the Internet less; specifically, I have a list of web sites that I visit pretty much daily. I’m removing a couple of those
  • Spend more quiet time (facilitated by the previous two items)
  • Read more

We’ll see how it goes…

Back from vacation

2005/08/06 at 20:29

We just returned from a very relaxing short vacation in the mountains of southern New Mexico. Getting back into the swing of things again…